Hello, my name is Sora. NOT. (I know it isn't funny..)

Herro guys I am Sora! I was a GM Tower VIP and played it for 3 years. I also love video games. :no_mouth:

If you would like to contact me for deals about GM Tower screenshots of staff or dinosaurs and please message me or call 1-800-GMTOWER. Many of you must think, what in the fedora hat is this guy doing here. Well, I love to socialize and make 50 friends that I never talk too after about 1 week. I was joking about that 50 friends one…

Anyway seriously though I am happy to see that I can participate in this amazing community and hope you all won’t report me for hacks in ball race :smile_cat:

Here is a bonus gif that I have made… :


Oh wait it won’t load. That’s unfortunate.


Edit #4

This one does.

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Welcome to the forums.
By the way, .jpeg files can’t be animated.

Welcome to the family :new_moon_with_face: Hope to see you around!

Welcome! Enjoy your stay on the forums! :raising_hand:

Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here, as well as in game!:grinning:

Welcome to the community of PixelTail :raising_hand:

Welcome Welcome~ From your Official Robo Waifu of TU! :wave: :wave: :robot: :yellow_heart:


Oh, Hello! I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here and in-game, at Tower Unite. :octopus:

Welcome! Enjoy your stay!

Welcome to TU, here goes hoping that more people will get stuck with a crazy Minigolf addiction!