Hello! It's Berr :D

Hai, i’ve never been on the forums in the 5 years of playing tower, but now I am.

What’s up?

Welcome to the forums! I’m good thanks!

Welcome to the forums! Cats.

Space cats man…and hello!

Nothing is up, silly. Welcome to the forums, we’re not fishy at all!


Welcome to the pixeltail forums @Berr. Enjoy your stay. :grinning:

Also I’m good, hope to see you on tower maybe. :smiley:

Welcome Aboard! :ship:

Welcome, Berr!

Hey derr @Berr! Welcome to the forums.

Welcome to the Bone Party!

Um, I dated a girl named Sapphire from tower, you’re not the same one, right?

Just incase things get weird, I just talked with this Berr person, and I’m not the person they were thinking of.
We’ve never met, nor dated.
Sapphire /is/ a pretty ambiguous name, so can’t blame him for thinking that.