Hello! I am LAH!

Hello everyone! I thought it’s about time i introduce myself seeing as i have been checking the forums everyday for a month now :3

My name is Lewis known as LAH to some people through stream and stuffs and i simply am a human being :smiley:
I would consider myself as a gamer, However i am not exactly good at any games in my opinion xD
Recently got Tower unite due to the similarities to the playstation home game on PS3 which i use to play like 9 years ago and so far been having alot of fun! (i also use to own a bunch of Gmod servers like TTT, Deathrun and PH).

Most of the hobbies i do are basically on the computer nowadays which include producing videos and editing them (Just basic gaming banter things) and streaming which all involve me playing games i guess xD
Apart from that all i’ve been doing outside is going for walks and playing pokemon go for my physio from a injury that i have.

But yeah thats pretty much me, im pretty boring but nice to meet you all! Ill be sure to share my ideas on the forums and see alot of you on the game :3



Heya, welcome to the forums!

Welcome to the community! :raising_hand:

Weklom to forUmz plz EnjOy Ur StAy

Hello there! Nice to meet you, LAAAAAAAH. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Welcome! I’m sure you will enjoy your stay here :slight_smile:

Hello and enjoy the forums!

Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay! Even if you’ve been comfortably situated here for a while already! :raising_hand:

Welcome LAH!

Thanks guys! I’m sure ill love it :smiley:
My brain always have ideas! Its a shame i never looked at kickstart when it was up :'c


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Welcome to the forums!