Hello from MotherRussia!

Privet (russian hello)! Name’s Lev, I’m 16. Point out if I made a grammar mistake somewhere.

I never played GMod Tower before TU came out. In fact, I never knew of it’s existance. Not sure if it was my pre-historic PC or my inpatience, but Garry’s Mod gamemodes never really worked out for me because each time I joined the server I spend half an hour on downloading addons and stuff, and still end up with missing content and walking ERROR signs all over the place. But when I found Tower Unite in the process of scrolling trough Steam catalogues - I couldn’t be happier. At first I thought “another pay-to-win microtransaction-filled game”, but quickly changed my mind.

I mean, just think about it: It’s a freaking utopia! Do what you want and get tons of money for playing games! Then spend all those money on beer and get completely wasted! Without any harm for health! Go to the casino and gamble all night trough - you most likely will end up with twice of what you got before! Go to the movie theater and watch what YOU want! For free!

So yeah, that’s basically was my first impression rushing into the game, and it only gets better. I got around 20 hours so far, but I’m always low on money. I just can’t save it, my condo is filled with all kinds of small cozy stuff.

Oh, by the way: I got 58 kegs (maby more by the time you read it) of beer down in my basement, but sealed off untill better times when I’ll get everything else ready for a grand party, so keep an eye out on that. I mostly play on Frankfurt 1 under nickname (VGW)LevStartRUS. Feel free to visit.


Welcome to the tower, my guy!

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Ох…русский человек, ну привет uwu

Welcome to the forums!
Enjoy your stay!

Here’s what I noticed:

That should be “impatience” instead of “inpatience.”

“Spent” would be the proper word here, as it is the past tense of “spend.”

Just a minor typo, “trough” should be “through.”

Punctuation should always be inside quotation marks if next to them, so it should by “game,” even if the comma isn’t technically a part of the quote.

Here, “those” should be “that.” I want to say it’s because “money” is technically a single pool of currency and is therefor singular, but don’t quote me on that one. If you were to say “all those Units on beer” you would be fine.

Another instance of the little “through” typo.

A small typo. It’s spelled “maybe” instead of “maby.”

More minor typos. “Untill” should be spelled as “Until.”

Thanks for taking a look! Really, your grammar is fine. A few minor typos and little bits of rule breaking here and there aren’t something to worry about. It’s easy to read and understand what you write, and at the end of the day that’s really all I care about.


Thanks a lot for pointing out all those typos and explaining some rules! My English still needs some improvements.


Welcome to the Tower! :smiley_cat:

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Welcome to the forums!

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Welcome to the tower and forums LevStart. :slight_smile:

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