Hello Fellow Towerians!

Hi! I’m DignifiedPeach! I’ve been playing on GMOD Tower for the past few months, and I’ve gotta say; magnificent job with it! Anyways, I’m going to back this project on Indiegogo eventually (When I scavenge enough money. Nice to meet you all, and I’m excited to see you guys in game!

I’m excited to see you too! Welcome to the forums, @DignifiedPeach

Nice to see you here, welcome, DignifiedPeach!


Welcome to this crazy land!

“Towerians” Is that what we’re called now? Anyway… Welcome!

Thanks all! @legoracer97, I just thought of a name that had a good ring to it. :smiley: Hope to see you guys around! I have a question about the plaque though, when do we type in the name we want on the plaque to represent us? I want to make it my friend’s and I’s group, so lemme know how that whole thing works. Thanks,

Welcome to the forums, new towerian!

P.S.: About your question, everything regarding the perks (except for the closed alpha) will be dealt with in an e-mail after the Indiegogo finishes

@serjunpe, thanks!