Hello by xSkyer!

Hi guys!
So we are waiting here for tower unite :).
I can`t wait for it and you?

I can’t wait either! It’s gonna be awesome! :wink:

Good thing is, we are all excited!
Less good thing is that we still need to wait more than half a year 'till the release of Tower Unite. But the wait will be worth it, I am pretty sure.

Can’t wait at all. So excited!

Well you have seen my intro and commented on mine so i just came across yours, Heyyyoooooooooo

P.S You know the game is gonna be amazing when even the Developers are hyped for it :smile:

After a loooong time I`m back :smile:

HiIIIIiIIiiiii. Looking forward for TU. It’s gonna be a hype blast by the time it’s a full release to steam :smile:

Welcome back!