Heart Table Not Available In Stores

I was browsing the TU icon index, hoping to catch a glimpse of any future items, when I noticed something.
Nestled in with the Valentine’s items is a Heart Table, an item that was finished (from the looks of things) but never added to any stores.
This should be made available for the upcoming Valentine’s update and it’d help make the heart set a little more usable.

On a related note, two items that were added in the same Update don’t appear under any categories while in your Condo; here are the items without categories (and the most appropriate category):

  • Flag String (FX)
  • Pot of Gold (Decoration and Holiday/Exclusive)

Oh wow I didn’t even realize this is actually real lol, I remembered buying some ages ago but couldn’t find it anywhere in my inventory so I just assumed I was thinking of something else