Have you thought about making Ban reports anonymous?

Was wondering this as recently I got called out in game due to a report I made on the forums and while I don’t personally mind being called out I can imagine some people don’t react so well to being called out due to thin skin and may make them want to interact with the community less due to said players.

Was wondering if you all have thought about making it so reports show as anonymous in order to avoid possible harassment?

Thanks for reading.

I can’t remember for sure, but unfortunately, I think there /was/ mention of them being unable to make hidden boards like that. The best they’ve done so far is locking the threads the moment they’re made so people don’t start arguing in them.

I’ll dig around for a quote.

Why not just use the search function. :wink:

That’s what I meant by ‘dig around’, but right now I’m catching up and responding to new threads.
I just woke up.

Attacking the person who made the report ain’t gonna help their case. You can mute in the game and block them outside of the game. I hope blocking is possible in-game as well in the future.

Of course not, but it still happens. That one guy that gets banned might start a harassment campaign on Steam, maybe pull some friends together to all pester the reporter.

or you know, they will cry political correctness or “sjws are taking over”. I witnessed that in casino last night.