Have passwords been implemented yet for dedicated servers?


I want to make a private lobby for just me and my friends. The last thing that mentioned password capability was from 2016 and the steam guide says nothing about it. Surely passwords couldn’t have been neglected for 3 years? Not to mention in the log it mentions passworded_b=false, suggesting you could add a password to switch that over to =true.

There might be a setting in the TowerServer.ini, if the ini existed. I had to create my own with the only settings the steam page mentions (name and player amount) because it doesn’t exist anywhere in dedicated server download.


This has not been implemented. We don’t have any plans currently to implement it, but that could always change with community condos in the future.


The ability to host the plaza is going away once the community condos feature comes out, so it really won’t matter for much longer anyway.


Alrighty thanks. I probably won’t be hosting any dedicated servers until then, I suppose.