Hat offsets break after updating model

Hi. I’ve noticed that the metadata for item offsets seems to just not work if sent as an update to a model rather than a separate item.
A model I uploaded had an issue with weight painting that I wanted to fix, so I went and updated the model, added the item offsets metadata, saved that, and then uploaded the model and updated the original listing with the new file.
After doing this, I checked the model in the Appearance tab only to find that the offsets were broken.
Here is a screenshot of the new model in the Workshop Editor - note the correct hat offset.
And here is a screenshot of the same model, uploaded to the workshop, with the broken offsets.

A friend tried the same thing with his own model and confirmed that to fix this, you’d have to upload the new model as a separate workshop item, instead of it being an update to an already uploaded item.
A fix to this would be nice, if possible. Thanks.

Please do not upload a new addon to solve this.

This is a current bug that is fixed in the new update that we’re working on.

For now, you’ll have to clear your workshop cache to see the hat offsets update after you update your item.

You can find the cache folder in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Tower Unite\Tower\Workshop\Cache

You can just remove all the files in that folder.

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