Hat and glasses clipping errors after hotfix

Hi, I made a post about some clipping issues the other day, and they’re continuing through the new hotflix.

However, I’m how having problems where on some models, the neon light glasses are clipping into both the iridescent snapback and the neon snapback, and both hats clip through the hair at the front of the default model as well as expose some of the back of the head of my preferred model, a wireframe man.

Also, the cigar now comes out of default model’s nose. Which is funny but also evidently a bug.

EDIT: made a 30 second video displaying the current problem. Compare to this gif showing the cosmetics from before.

That’s it for this post.

This’ll be fixed for the next update, although you may need to adjust your offsets for workshop playermodels. Thanks a ton for reporting it again!