Hardware Store

So I was just watching the Twitch Archives video and half way through. Macdguy showcased the copycat tool and had ideas for other tools

Also in the livestream it was mentioned that there were too many tabs to choose from in the sweet furnishings store and they wanted to space it out a bit

So, when all the tools are in the game. There could be a hardware store where you can purchase the tools from and also the building panels that are currently in the other store.

I know it may be a while before the tools are out but I just thought I’d give my suggestion anyway.

Yup, a hardware store is planned and it will be part of Sweet Suites. You hit the nail on the head. Get it, hardware store jokes.


No comment… Lol.

You’re really drilling the puns into our heads


Oh my God, you are really hammering in these jokes…


Calm down, fellas, you really are taking these construction puns for granite

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