Hard Drive broke. Lost old logo. New one?

Well here I am. Breaking my almost full 1TB Hard Drive. I died today and I tried recovering from it and it’s definitely dead.

So I thought: instead of remaking my old logo, why don’t I go for a new design. Something more simple / minimalistic.

This is what it used to be:

And I’ve messed around in Adobe Illustrator and I made this:

I like it, I think. I can call myself: ‘M.’

It’d be great if I could get some ideas, maybe. I love minimalism and simplistic things, a lot and when designing a new avatar / logo I would want to stick with two colours:

So yeah. :3 I lost a lot of work on my Hard Drive ;____; I’m very annoyed but meh, it happens.


I made a small landing. c: I got bored. I made the M. clickable to go to my Discord:

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I would personally use the colors from your old one, and make it a circle. Aside from that, the new one looks great :slight_smile:

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/2/225aca6db97c5364b957c32638cc15918f05e640.png" width=“250” height=“250”

I added a transparency grid to the background but I think this might be better. Thanks. ^•^

Actually this is better:


Nice. It looks quite nice now :smiley:

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I’m personally not a fan of the whole overly minimalistic style, but as long is you think it looks good I’m sure it’s fine.


Hm, maybe a black outline? Around the circle…

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Cool idea but too many colours. ;/ Here’s a link to my Deviantart. The way it is now fits quite well c: http://mxmcube.deviantart.com/