Happy New year Tower Unite!

##This has honestly been a blast, from the updates, to the hope in the community! Thank You all For This amazing year! And thank you so much devs for Being the most wonderful and kindest devs i know!

Honourable People

  • Ashge, the creative megamind, that inspired Many people
  • MacDGuy, the hardworking developer
  • Lefty, The guy that cleared his friends list for no goddamn Reason

Happy 2018 Guys!
Whats Your Goals For the next year? Comment Them below!
Mine is: more tower Unite, Less family


My goal would be to have a less chaotic and random life where im not constantly thrown into random drama all the time.
And maybe adopt a kitten and finding myself a good place to live.


Amen to that. My life is a heaping pile of shit right now and I’m determined to make things better in 2018.


Here’s to a (hopefully) good 2018! :smiley_cat:

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