Happy Five Year Anniversary!

Hold on, I gotta take this all in… wait, it’s been half a decade since Tower Unite had its Early Access launch? Where did time go?! I remember that day, April 8th, 2016, so clearly and I just can’t believe it’s been five whole years, literally half a decade. I remember, I played GMTower one last time for most of the day until TU released. And the release was a nightmare. Upon release, I remember buying the game on Steam. And when I downloaded it, it had 100 MB worth of content. Then, we got the good ol’ missing executable pop up. Basically, the content didn’t download because there was a mistake with the public branch of Tower on Steam.

Anyways, Tower has done so much over the past five years. I never knew that it would change my life by so much. I just figured I would play it for a couple of weeks and that I would just hop on every once in a while. But boy was I wrong. I have met so many new friends on Tower, it’s actually insane. Tower is one of the reasons I got through 2020 during the pandemic while almost never getting bored. I met more of my friends during the pandemic than I think I ever have on Tower. Why? Because I played Tower in 2020 more than I probably ever have because of the amount of time I had on my hands. Because of Tower, I have some new buddies online who I talk to almost every night until the sun rises. Just chatting, laughing, and having fun. Because that is what it’s all about, right? I think I mentioned this last year, but in case I didn’t, I was moving houses around the time that Tower released and the first thing I even did when I got to the new place, was set up my laptop on the couch and played some Ball Race to fill in some time before I had to start moving some stuff up to my new room, including my desk and my computer.

Anyways, that’s gonna wrap up my annual anniversary forum post. I did two paragraphs this year because of everything that has happened during the pandemic and beyond. Happy birthday Tower Unite!

Thank you PixelTail Games! -AmGona