Halloween XP Given for Minigame Rewards

Received Halloween XP instead of Minigame XP upon completion of Food Frenzy, despite it being December 6th as of posting.

As far as I know, Food Frenzy is the ONLY minigame this has happened with.



I think this happens because it’s a minigame that’s related to Halloween as it has pumpkins in it. I could be wrong though.

Halloween EXP is only ever supposed to be given out during the Halloween events, afaik

Punpkin Blast, Ghost Hunting also gave out Halloween exp. IIRC.

yeah but both of those only ever play during the Halloween events, whereas food frenzy has always played throughout autumn and not just Halloween

Didn’t realise that, I thought it was another Halloween-related game.

But fruit frenzy isn’t a Halloween minigame?

I never saw that as one.