Halloween Items!

Snooping through the game’s files, I found the titles for most of the Halloween Items (and/or items that are yet to be added)!

Nasty Cleaver
Evil Cauldron
Floating Book Pile
Floating Candle
Floating Candlestick
Forgotten Remains
Mini Ghost Pet
Nightmare Crab
Skull Candle
Skull Mask
Spooky Gun
Quarter (probably has nothing to do with this update)
Throwable Cleaver
Throwable Knife
Tin Can (probably has nothing to do with this update)


EDIT: really fluffed this post up, fixed that! :wink:


I’ve found what you were talking about but for the life of me can’t find the broomstick. And with the update in full swing now I can’t seem to find anyone who’s obtained a broomstick from remains or trick or treating.

2 halloween 2017 items in the new nature store aswell

My guess is it’s to do with the minigames that are currently broken. Hopefully they’ll be fixed soon!