Halloween Item Suggestions (for the future)

So people want 2017 Halloween items to be limited, and i kinda agree but kinda don’t? it’s nice having a rare item, but it’s not nice to learn you missed a year and can NEVER get those items again is really awful. Yes I know snooze you lose and such but here’s my suggestion for keeping the items available in future years whilst keeping the rarity of them.
Let’s say in 2018 you want a Halloween 2017 items but only Halloween 2018 items are dropping from the current event, what you can do is transmute items from the current year into a random drop from an older specific year of your choice. But the older the year is. The more current items it has, therefor making the items harder to get but still available to people who want them.
I think this suggestion would make everyone happy as it would keep the rarity of the item for those who got them during that year, but still letting people who missed out on it.

Another idea: if we are going to have items labelled for which year they are from (which kinda indicates rarity) you should rename the tag used on the “Halloween 2016” Items as this might confuse players going “Huh why can i buy Halloween 2016 items but not Halloween 2017 items?” So I might suggest changing the Halloween 2016 tag to just “Halloween” as this makes it seem like a “oh just a spooky item for Halloween, neat” It’s good to be consistent to avoid confusion. :slight_smile:

+1, TF2 uses the same system

I think you should be able to transmute 3 items into one from previous years. No more, no less. It’s punishing enough.

If all items in the transmute are from the same year, you get one from previous years. If not, or if the items are from 2016, you get a random item from one of the years listed on the items used in the transmute.


only problem i see with this is that the events wont be the same, so some events might be easier to get items in than others?

easy fix: change the amount of items required for each year depending on how easy (or hard) it is to get them?

Sounds like something that can work
i really have nothing against this
Maybe make it equivalent to the quality too, so transmuting expensive current year items will give you a somewhere around that expensive item back, so you don’t end up wasting a bunch of worth by transmuting a 10k item and getting a halloween hula doll basically. Or not, if you want to emphasize on torture.

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yeah considering all the current halloween items are worth like 1k each i agree they prices should be tweaked a bit.

They could make a feature so all the items before is in there! that makes it more fun! :smile:

I don’t remember who said this, but someone had the idea of Halloween catsacks that would contain past event items. Maybe they’d only be purchaseable from the Stray during Halloween?

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that’s too easy though it’d make them too easy to get, way easier than our current way of getting them. nice idea though!

[quote="DENMarkus_csgolive.c, post:7 topic:25032, full:true"] They could make a feature so all the items before is in there! that makes it more fun! :smile: [/quote] I don't quite understand what you mean? Mind elaborating?

Actually, most people that voted on this poll wanted later reruns in some shape or form. Only three people voted for no reruns.

As for the idea itself, I like it. It would allow for the drop tables to be filled with new, interesting items, as opposed to having mostly old items with the new goodies sprinkled in.
Later down the line, it’d also prevent me from randomly getting a “super rare 2017 halloween cauldron”. That’d be dissapointing.


i meant, that if there where the couldron, they could add the items before, and new one!