Halloween Item Exclusivity Poll!

So, lately on the forums and in game I’ve seen a lot of topics regarding how the exclusive items are currently being handled. There seem to be a lot of sides when it comes to this issue so I want to see where a majority of the player-base, the ones that visit the forums at least, thinks exclusive items should be dealt with in the future, as a way to let the developers know how we feel so they can gauge what to do in future events in regards to the exclusivity of items.

  • I want to keep items RNG based and exclusive
  • I want exclusive items RNG based but with a duplicate trade-in system
  • I want exclusive items available by RNG or purchasable
  • I want no RNG for exclusive items and have them purchasable only
  • I want achievement based exclusive items

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Remember, this is a way for the developers to decide how to move on in the future in regards to event items, so please keep things constructive and non-hostile.


I feel like everyone who doesn’t already believe in the whole “you snooze you lose” idea of getting items while they last has a different idea of what’s going to work, so a poll is a good idea, but maybe have more than one poll?

Like, the first poll showing whether the playerbase is interested in item exclusivity or being able to obtain items past their event “deadline”

and another poll for how that might be handled, if you voted “for” in the last poll.

The reason I say this is because “I want exclusive items available by RNG or purchasable” doesn’t really go into detail about when they’re purchasable, and glancing at other options like “I want no RNG for exclusive items and have them purchasable only” further confuses the time frame of “purchasable”.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a great way to gauge community feedback and interest, and I’m glad you put this together.


Just allow us to trade the items, so I can give my millions of knives to someone who desperately needs them after sixty turn-ins of only receiving pumpkins.

if you’re gonna have a “you snooze you lose” system at least be consistent about it, considering you can BUY the halloween 2016 items…


I voted for the wrong one - meant both RNG & Buy but most of seen my reasoning on the update thread.

To add a bit - I have always seen the “Exclusives Club” as the more self fullfilling route, in simply wanting an item due to rarity, rather than its intended purpose, enjoyment, or possibly both. This is of course a common route, “so long as we get it ourselves, it is all good”, but rarely do people think "what about all those who weren’t able due to circumstances. Of course, there will always be some who simply can’t. So it comes down to “does it really make sense to limit X”. My standing stays strong for TU - Skins/Costumes sure, but NOT decor for your own condo, that you and only you will see 99% of the time.

In a bit of an ethics sided point:
Items are ultimately materialistic, more can be made / spawned / awarded, and in most cases limits are artificial and unnecessary
(IE: A game has 10K collector editions, it could have made more, this creates people obtaining simply due to rarity, and a lot are left unhappy (and a company could make so much more money producing more). They may be happy, they obtained a materialistic item. The happiness of a person is not materialistic however)
You now weigh it, a materialistic object, kept rare for the sake of it, rather than people wanting the item simply for wanting it, regardless of who else has it (this may make a few unhappy)? OR do you give all easier access and make the largest population happy?

I myself don’t support limited edition items that cost real money, and have a pretty strong stance against limited events, given they only run 2-3 weeks, and time is our biggest opposition.

For the sake of showing non-bias, I have no idea what the limited items on TU are even. Whether any decor is in there even? The event is just afk in plaza and wait for the trick or treat guy, rather than a fun, interactive event.

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I just want Halloween items to return each year and not have more permanently unobtainable items in the game. Not sure which option gives that really. Other games seems to recognise this, for example Guild Wars 2 brought back an item from 2012 Halloween that hadn’t been obtainable since then due to the constant demand for it. That’s right, five years of the community wanting it back and being disappointed until they gave in. It wasn’t even a great item, I had it myself from that first Halloween update and I was genuinely glad the rest of the community was able to finally get it. Walling off items to work for just doesn’t make sense to me because it’s like cutting content for newer players. Seasonal items are fine for the most part but bring them back each year please. A game like this should be building up it’s content.

Also for clarity’s sake, everything is just hearsay so far as no Devs have chimed in on this yet, it could be that they do plan to bring back all the Halloween items each year but we’ll have to wait and see if someone comments on it.


I’m expecting previous Halloween items will be obtainable after each new year. As stated here by someone else, the devs haven’t commented on how they plan on making the system work yet.


I’ll take that into consideration next time I make a poll on a seemingly controversial subject, I based the current poll’s answers off of what I saw people talking about both in-game and on the forums.

I feel condo items should always be obtainable. As for items like the throwing knives, I think we should have a substitute available. For example: The players that were active get the exclusive “2017 Halloween” throwing knives that might have a different skin or something, but we still have the default throwing knives in a store. It’s a small reward like this that doesn’t bother me all that much, still provides a little bit of fulfillment, but doesn’t cut off others (Atleast imo). Considering the smaller team we have in the game, this might not be possible, I just wanted to point out how I feel in games that can afford to do this type of stuff.

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I feel like the poll’s missing the point. The discussions I’ve seen were mostly about (not) keeping the items exclusive to their events. Sure, some people complained about the RNG, but you have to include the main part of the discussion too.


Personally all I’ve seen are discussions on obtaining the items when I made the poll, like I said above next time I do something like this I’ll be a lot more detailed and give more variation in regards to the choices, but for now this poll can be interpreted as how they should continue with the items if they keep them exclusive in the future, rather than if they should keep them time exclusive or not.


How do you like your seasonal items?

  • Available all year long, just like any other items!
  • Available all year long, but with a penalty outside of the events (ex. increased price)!
  • Available all year long, but with extra hoops to jump through outside of the events (ex. a season switcher item)!
  • Only available during the events, no reruns though.
  • Only available during the events, with later reruns.
  • Both. I’d like some seasonal items to stay available all year long, others not.

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I voted for season only with later reruns, however I also wanted to put one in for “some seasonal / some all year”. Things like the throwing knives, ghosts, etc. would be best as seasonal things since they don’t affect gameplay and are fun little souveneirs as people have said. However, things like condo decorations should be permanently available since it doesn’t need to be Halloween for you to make a spooky haunted house :slight_smile:


I think every thing accept for the pumpkins should be exclusive to the event

Let us buy the pumpkins at celebrations or the nature store

Just make it a really low chance to get one of the better items from previous years, that way they are still obtainable but don’t overflow people’s inventories again

all equipable items and the cauldron should be locked to the event

The Halloween Nature Store items should definitely stay too in my opinion. The event rewards can be yearly with new editions.

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I think that this has become the conclusive result in general from how people are saying it -

Decor items for condo = anytime
Skins and whatnot = event

That is exactly what I am trying to push so hard… condo items should always be there, I don’t even care about skins lol, just decorating.