Halloween Event Suggestions

I love the Halloween event in Tower Unite. It’s one of the main things I look forward to every year and I was very happy with the attention it got last year. I have a few ideas and concepts about things that could be added to the game in the future.

Halloween Achievements/Milestones

I love the idea of having a limited time section in the collection book for holiday events. It would give a ton of extra goals to complete before the event ends and would keep players returning to the game.

Achievements could give large rewards which would boost player currency during the event (another reason for players to stay online). Milestones could be added every year to keep the list expanding for new and returning players, meaning items wouldn’t be limited time and would still stay fresh.

The achievements/milestones in the images don’t necessarily represent what I think should be added to the game and are just filler for the concept images.



Halloween milestones could be achieved by gaining Candy instead of EXP, which would level up your Halloween milestones.

It would act functionally the same as EXP but could be given to you when participating in Halloween events, talking to NPCs, buying items from The Ghoulcery, or visiting condos (trick or treating).

This idea definitely has a lot of room to be fleshed out and I’d love to hear some ideas in the replies.

Quest System


I loved the maze quest we got for the Halloween 2019 update. I’d really love to see this expanded upon. Halloween themed quests would be great, but even things like Sir Reel asking you to catch specific fish or Daisy asking you to take nature photographs would be a ton of fun to complete.

Wrap Up

Those are some of the suggestions I came up with for future Halloween events, but I’d love to see more ideas or additions to mine in the replies. Thanks for reading!

I think these are all great ideas! I would love this! Got my vote!


This is really great and I enjoy. Also here’s a couple other small suggestions that I’d really like;

It would be cool if the candy collecting minigame was brought back from GMod Tower as another sort of way to get candy; it could even be turned into a trick-or-treat event where you go to the cashiers during the event and they give you some candy.

Also some form of that one horror game that was added to GMT in 2015(?) would be really cool. Like, maybe there could be a minigame in the plaza where you have to hunt for ghosts (like the ones in Zombie Massacre) in a small haunted mansion.

One last thing, but I’d also love to see the stores get decorated for Halloween like a lot of stores in real life do.


Wouldn’t this lock the devs into hosting the exact same event every year instead of giving them the flexibility to change it?

I think these are all great ideas… They can always add other types of stuff every year. They almost always add in new prizes and stuff like that. Like, they already do the remains event every year, and they add new stuff on top of that. Why can’t they do the same thing if this stuff was added?


I personally can’t see how adding milestones/achievements would lock the developers into hosting the same event every year. Halloween in TU has always been the same event with a few extra additions every year, so I can’t see how this would be any different. More achievements/milestones could always be added in the future and I believe the system would provide a great foundation for future events.









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Honestly I just have to give props for the absolutely godtier mockups, even down to the description puns.

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I really appreciate that haha, extremely glad it worked out in the end.

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