Had encountered with fatal error

So basically,My sis was playing Tower unite few weeks ago and she told me that the tower unite wont work now,and i have no clue what happened but it was working smooth until one day it gave alot of problems such as this screen

I dont know what happened but it keeps giving out the error,keep in mind that
1)It happened instantly
2)The game is not pirated
3)The game was working really fine

Here is the system for my sisters pc
Ram:8 gb
Graphics and cpu:amd ryzen 5 3500u and vega graphics gfx 2.1ghz

Could anyone help me out with this?

Can you try sending a crash report with that window that pops up? It can help the developers a lot and can help them fix the issue.

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where can i find the crash report to send it though?

You don’t need to worry about looking for the crash report yourself. By pressing “Send and Close” on the crash reporter, the crash description is sent along wit the crash dump, which contains the information we need to investigate the crash. So simply fill out the context in which the crash occurred in the crash description field (in this case: “I tried to open the game,” or something similar) and we will receive a crash report.

In order to get back to you, it would be helpful if you mentioned your name Carlo in the crash description, so we know what to look for.


its been 7 days since ive done the same thing

It happens to my sisters account Called Love pad(Steam)

Thanks for the help though!

My apologies! I expected you to reply when you would report the crash, but I didn’t ask for that specifically. I’ll look through the reports.

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I found the reports, but the crash happens in engine code. It has something to do with the game’s files. Can you get your sister to have Steam verify the game’s files? Right click on the game in the Steam library > properties > local files tab > verify integrity of game files.

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