Gun Display Cases

A small idea that cross my mind as I was reading another post and unlocks were mentioned.

For Saturday Night Live there could be special achievement unlocks that could be unlocked after obtaining a specific number of kills with a certain weapon. These special unlocks would be glass displays cases with the model from the gun which the kills were obtained inside, working as a display to show off player achievements as well as to motivate players to use the different types of weapons that would be available.

Just something purely cosmetic, thought it could look nice since there have been several buy suggestions and not much unlock ones. :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you mean like cosmetic cases we could put in condos? That’d be neat!


I like this idea. Perhaps it could even branch into the other gamemodes, such as little trophies for getting par on Minigolf courses or figurines in round capsules for beating a par time on Ball Race. It would certainly be better than a plain old cash prize.


This idea sounds really neat! It’d definitely add to the replay value and make players want to keep playing.

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Solid idea.


I agree with Boss Man. I love guns so having display cases in my condo would be at the very least… fitting. Especially if we can get more than is available in SNL via the workshop or something!

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