Gumball Gachapon/Toy Capsule machines


I feel like there would be an over saturation of RNG, how much content do you even want to gate behind RNG?
Players cant even trade the stuff, so what guarantees that players will be left empty handed?


At this point half of the game is RNG already, and it’s pretty obvious they want to add even more.


You know maybe you should stop being so condescending and maybe someone will take you seriously one day and not like a megalomaniac narcissist who wants everything his way.

Nearly all of your recent posts are just you finding ways to sound like you are the only one that has any right idea on how to do something and because of how hostile you constantly act there isn’t anyone that isn’t your “friend” who will ever take anything you say as proper criticism because of your obvious hate boner for tower.

You could be making very good and supportive ideas here but your tone just ruins everything you have to say, it doesn’t add to anything other than making you look like you only want to see tower fail, rather than succeed.


The only RNG things in TU I can think of are the Casino and Catsacks, and those 2 things are definitely not one half of the whole game experience.


Don’t forget minigolf maps that have these holes that transition your ball into a randomly decided path you have no control over. The outcomes can give you a better chance at getting a good score.
I am not here to support mikusch in a potential flame war after prodigalist’s post, I just cleared up where he’s coming from.


To be fair, minigolf is all physics. With proper timing and accuracy, you can get the outcome you want.


To be fair, by that logic, randomness doesn’t exist and we just think it does because we can’t grasp the decision process of some things anymore. It actually happens for a reason though.
There is nothing you can do to control the outcome.



that guide doesn’t help with any of the levels with the randomholes


Stay on topic, please.


This is an interesting idea.