Guessing when arcade will come out

Not sure if there has been a somewhat confirmed thing but I think it’d be fun to guess a rough estimate when the arcade update will release : D
My bet is somewhere within a month from now ; P We’re getting pretty close.

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idk, the earliest i predict will be in march-april time
but there could be issues that pushes it towards the end of this year

i highly doubt phase 1 will be that far, even if it has issues
i’d say within a month or so

Last August I was guessing early this year, I think it still could be for the first stage.

I’m thinking Summer too, maybe July / August!

Definitely within the next few months for phase 1, but they’re doing an engine migration first if I remember correctly.

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the achievements are visible on Steam currently :smile_cat:

when it feels like it

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5 weeks ago

now (in the distant future)

Its really difficult to estimate at this point. It’ll become more clear in the coming weeks.

The biggest variable being the engine upgrade. I remember the last one being pretty hectic. Even if this migration seems to go smoothly during developer testing, there is so much going on in one update that I’d imagine this will be one of the rockier ones.

  1. I’m anticipating the day-one-update crowd for Arcade to bigger than normal
  2. All the new arcade mechanics being active on the server, presumably fully crowded
  3. We’re not 100% how much of an impact the 4.19 improvements will have on the game
  4. Possibly missed side effects from the engine upgrade popping up

Then again, I thought Workshop was going to be a nightmare and it went pretty smooth all things considered.

If things went butter smooth I’d say beginning of March. More likely sometime in April. But I’m a bit of a pessimist with timing.

I don’t expect the update to be fully playable on day one. Its not that I don’t have faith in the devs, I just think it’ll need the strain of the full player base to properly test and work out the kinks. Throwing a few hundred people at an update will reveal the limits and defects alot faster than a dozen devs testing.

What I do know is Arcade, even just with the phase 1 content, is going to be absolutely incredible and a huge attraction for TU! Casino is going to need an update later because Arcades going to steal all the spotlight!