Guess the game from a random steam review

Saw this game posted to the reddit a little while ago. Basically, all you have to do is post a random steam review (or part of one that does not give the name away) and guess which game the review is for, then post another random review. Have fun :slight_smile:

To start we have:

A love story about 4 men and their inability to buy a drill that works properly.


Is it Payday?

Definitely has to be Payday. Here’s an obvious one.

Can’t use my condo toilet! What kind of inhumane world is this?!?


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Tower Unite!

Here is a good one and has a pretty big clue:

Exactly like school P.E.

Nobody ever passes to me
I get yelled at
Everyone pushes me around

Negative, but good attempt!

Rocket League

Okay my turn!

“If you have a hat fetish, then this is better than any hat-porn you’ll ever find, also; nice group dances can give you a romantic atmosphere if you’re into that kind of porn.”

I swear this is not a VN or anything weird :sweat:

Team Fortress 2?

Max Gentlemen

Yeah it was TF2
Who’s next?

Ate my classmate for Christmas dinner, slept in a hobo cave and got decapitated and put in a jar.
10/10 GOTY


“Am I the only one on this planet that doesn’t make a di** creature?!?!”

Way off, actually. It’s Hatoful Boyfriend. Your classmate’s a bird, if it’s not obvious.

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Alright here’s one

“A real world apocalypse will occur before this game is complete.”

Well considering my own experiences with it (I’m still not finished with it and it’s been too long by this point), I’m guessing Undertale.

(I don’t want to be the only one guessing let’s grab somebody else and bring them in)

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SPORE. Definitely Spore. D**k creatures are the object of the game, right?



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“Tried to make a Trebuchet that fired a bomb.
Made a bomb which fired a Trebuchet

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