Group size potions together in the hotbar inventory, and organize inventory sections a bit more

This is more a QoL thing than anything significant, but currently, the size potions, like all other items in the inventory, are sorted in alphabetical order. This, along with the fusion of morphs and potions into one singular “magic” menu, makes it a slight nuisance to find the potion you’re looking for, particularly because you generally think of the size the potion makes you rather than the actual name of the potion.

Current order in my inventory: Large Potion -> Medium Potion -> (Monster Potion) -> Normal Potion -> Orb -> Slightly Bigger Potion -> Small Potion -> (The Infection) -> Tiny Potion

As you can see, you don’t get the potions in proper size order, and the size potions are interrupted by various morphs, which will likely get more cluttered up as more content is added down the line.

A more intuitive method would be to group the potions together, going from Large -> Slightly Bigger -> Normal -> Medium -> Small -> Tiny (or the other way around).

Since the “Magic” section itself is pretty broad (since it includes morphs, normal potions (currently only the ice potion), and size potions), I also feel like this section should be subject to a bit of manual organization, where different types of items get grouped together.

For example, the Magic menu would go something like: Morphs (alphabetical order) -> Misc. Potions (alphabetical order) -> Size potions (size order). This would also be beneficial in making things easier to find in general, as players would still know where to generally look to find an item, even if large amounts of new hotbar items are added.

This kind of organization could also be applied to other sections as well. For example, the “Weapons” category could be split up by gameworld, or the “Toys” section by toy type (e.g. noisemaker, throwable, swinging items).

I think adding dividers could make the Magic category easy to browse.
This could also be applied to other categories, such as Food (dividing between “Consumable” and “Infinite”) and Pets (between in “Orbiting” and “Rolling”). Also the Minigolf morph kinda feels like it should be an RC instead.