Group of Friends want to play Tower Unite

Hey :wave:

I have a large group of friends on the net. And I want to buy for all the tower unite game for them,

but it would be quite expensive. I was wondering if I would get any discount if I bought the unite for my friend group.

I just really want to play with my large group of friends tower unite.


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The game sometimes goes on sale. Put it on your wishlist.


You can buy it for your friend group when it goes on sale. If not, I don’t think you will be able to get a discount.


I’d def wait for the winter steam sale or something. The devs could consider a “friend bundle” type deal like many multiplayer games where you get like 4 copies for a reduced price, but I don’t see it being likely at the moment.

Could do something, like, you could buy 5 licenses for the price of 4–so it’s $15 a license instead of $20 even if it’s not sale time. Not sure how that works on the gifting system, though. I’ve only done single-license gifts.

Steam doesn’t support bundles anymore, so we can’t offer bundle discounts for multiple people. We do participate in sales, however.