Greater Control over Light Functions


Although the light functions (Flicker, Pulse, Rainbow, etc) currently work pretty well at what it’s indented to offer, I feel like it could be improved upon greatly. Giving further customization to light functions for light objects in condos would allow to make lights seem a lot more “unique”.
First off, I think it’d be helpful to have a better flicker effect. The current flicker effect is a very noticeable repeating pattern and pretty much the same as the pulse options. A more realistic flickering would be great for horror/run-down scenes.
Second, it’d be awesome to see some parameters exposed for light functions based on what you chose. For example, pulse could be made one function and could offer a “pulse speed” option. The flicker effect could have “stability” and “flicker speed”, etc. A time offset could also be useful as to make sure not all of them are doing the same thing at the same time. Having some variety in the light effects would be great for making nicer-looking condos/scenes, and I’d love to have this be a feature!