[Graphics] Tower Unite Fan creation

Not quite on-topic, but it was made in thought of tower unite, and I thought I would share it here.

Also, here are some (1920x1080) desktop backgrounds:
Catsack: https://ibb.co/kD9Qpv
Bowling: https://ibb.co/c5GGwa
Casino: https://ibb.co/ceMiba
Ferris Wheel: https://ibb.co/cZ8kpv
Fountain: https://ibb.co/g3E3ba
Plaza: https://ibb.co/nENZhF
Project 12: https://ibb.co/k4yUGa
Train: https://ibb.co/k5kn2F

Will add more soon :blush:
Feel free to use them, and please do move the thread if there’s somewhere else more fitting.



This could be fun collecting them, if the faces were random to the catsacks, but that would probably drive collectors such as myself nuts collecting all faces of cosmic catsacks.

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Yeah, that would be a pretty cool addition/addiction

Geez they look so cute! I want them all!