Graphics Problem


The highest my graphics settings in the game , but my graphics are still bad. Why ?

Graphics problem

Because you might be looking at peoples custom textures which could have low resolution


Or your standards of good graphics are too high, i mean on max the game look good not amazing so, that could be it to


if you cross your eyes slightly, so everything is slightly blurry you wont be able to tell it is good or bad graphics




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I don’t know for sure why your graphics may be low, but I’ve heard that texture streaming can cause problems for some people. I can’t seem to find it, but I think there was a launch option to disable texture streaming that was mentioned in some thread. If you can find that, it may help.


Why did you repost the same thread?


If you posted some screenshots that might help


It is the same in the game.


You’re nearly out of vram. That’s why everything looks bad. That’s what happens to the textures when you’re running low on vram. Just turn some of the settings down.


No, it’s not his VRAM. It’s his resolution scale. It’s at 23.


Oh Jesus, I didn’t even see that. Lol


Your resolution scale is set to 23, not 100. Set it to 100.