Graphics problem


My graphics at the highest settings in the game, but the graphics are very bad.

Graphics Problem

What are your PC’s specifications?


What graphics card do you have?


How much VRAM do you have?


Also, define “very bad”.


Make sure that the Resolution Scale setting has been set to 100%




I’am sure.


I dont’ think a 660 could run TU on ultra settings, also, if it only has 2gb of vram that might be your problem. I used to have a 660 before I bought a new pc, and it couldn’t even run minecraft at max settings.


Then you’re doing something wrong, there’s lots of recommend settings and changes that you should use when playing.

As someone with a 670 the game whilst still runs a bit poorly has been improving overtime, Whilst isn’t fun to do I’d recommend restarting your PC before going to play the game, I’d also recommend tweaking your settings slightly as you don’t really need max settings for the game to look as good as it can, so i’d recommend lowering stuff like the shadow and effects quality in particular, and possibly putting your texture quality down to high. You should disable high quality shaders as well (I’m not sure if this is the case still but the Dynamic Lights setting used to cause awful FPS drops when media players were enabled) Plus you gotta keep in mind the Plaza itself is MASSIVE it has lots of stuff being loaded and rendered so just keep that in mind, I think max settings would work fine in your condo probably.

Though considering my idea of good FPS in this game is sadly a 30 if I’m lucky. (With good settings that is)


Spooks that was ages ago, I have a 1060 now, and it is way better. I mean it like can;t run minecraft at max settings if I wanted 60 fps, would have to turn of smooth lighting and crap.


I’m getting 60 fps. I don’t need ultra settings already. It’s not enough just to be a little higher. The Mini-golf course, hole, hard to see.


I play CS GO and I’m getting 200 fps. I have 16gb of RAM.


Is you’re resolution scale set to 100?




VRAM and RAM are different things (RAM is on sticks and VRAM’s on GPUs). If you’re using too much VRAM the graphics won’t look good. You can check how much VRAM you use in the graphics settings in TU (it’s on a bar), if the bar is full you have to lower your settings or buy a GPU with more VRAM.


Why do people always feel the need to make ridiculous comparisons like this. “I can run this 6 year old extremely well optimized game with mediocre graphics just fine, so why I can’t run this 2 year old game with so-so optimization and far better graphics?” Some people’s lack of common sense just amazes me. CS:GO runs on an Xbox 360, which is, at best, 2005 technology. Good luck getting Tower Unite to run on a computer from 2005 (at least not on Ultra). Just saying.


Hey, he’s just not as computer savvy as us. We were all there at one point, I didn’t know Vram was a thing until far into my pc research. He doesn’t know about a lot of the stuff we are talking about. Go easy on him. :slight_smile:

@Ebraremin do you know what operating system you’re on? Are you on Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7? Or none of those.


This issue has been solved in the other thread.


This got solved in his other thread. He’s got his resolution scale set to 23.