Graphical bug after a couple minutes in a session

After around 2-4 minutes in a game session (both condo and plaza) I experience a sudden change in color and brightness. Typically yellow and darker (See attached screen capture). This will persist until a new session is launched. Time and weather progression is disabled.


Same thing is happening to me. All the adjustable lights seem to stay the same, but in a dark area it turns pitch black. It’s as if all the persistent lighting just turns off a couple minutes in.

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I have identified the issue and it is related to the blue light bug in the plaza:

Wat happens is the skylight in the map periodically samples the environment, such that the environmental light actually reflects the outdoor environment in terms of colour and brightness. In the case of the blue light bug in the plaza (which should have happened in condos too), the light was only sampled once: during daytime. Hence, the blue light reflects the blue sky. This was fixed with the recent update.

What was not fixed however, is the frequency at which the environmental light was sampled. In condos, the light was namely sampled at an interval of 112.5 seconds. Don’t ask. This is the “2-4 minutes” into the session you mentioned. This interval has been reduced substantially to 10 seconds. You will see this in effect in the coming hotfix.

I must also state that the likely reason this only happens once in your situation is because when the condo session is opened, the time of day is not actually set to the time of day it should be at according to the condo save that has yet to be loaded. This is a minor bug, because ideally it should just apply the proper skylight as soon as the correct time of day is applied from the condo save.