Got some Rainbow Six Siege keys to give away

The beta is extending till Oct 4th, and I was given 4 keys to give out.
I’ll not be posting them here because I don’t want a rush for ‘first come, first served’ to lead to people whom wouldn’t even play it anyways, getting the keys.

Reply here with genuine interest in the game, and I’ll PM you a key.
It’s still first come, first served in a sense, but I’ll be deciding whether or not I feel your interest is truly genuine.

Hope to see some of you on my team in-game!

Keys left: NONE

Heh, that’s funny, I gave a key away a few weeks ago because I couldn’t play it, but i’ve figured out a way to! I would love to play a few matches of the beta now, as this is would be my first time playing anything six-siege related :slight_smile:

You’re someone I’m sure would enjoy it, I’ll drop you a PM with a key!

I don’t want a key as I already have the beta, but I just wanted to say, thank you for your generousity @Sapphire. :smiley:

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I gotta admit, after seeing the destructible walls and all the ways you can be strategic with entering into a single house, I knew I have to get my hands on this game. It’d be a really fun game to play with friends.

I’ll PM you a key. :smile_cat:

Man who plays video games on this forums? I hate video games! In all seriousness though it’s not my kind of game, but you are an awesome person for being so generous!

You sure about that, buddy? :smirk_cat:

I’ll take a key please :slight_smile: I haven’t played RS since ps2

IT WAS AN IMPOSTOR! I swear I never touched video games, what even are video games?

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I’ll take a key. I have never played Rainbow Six, but hey. Maybe playing the beta will pique my interest.

Guys, emerelds posted.

Screencap and put in museum?

I do not know if I am too late but… I want a key :sunglasses: :heart:

totally will take a key… :stuck_out_tongue:

I just gave out the last two, you’ll have a PM from me if you got one.
See you all in-game! :smiley_cat:

Bad thing I’m late. I wanted to try RSS so badly xP But hey, thanks for the giveaway anyway!