Golf Rank Reset

Haven’t payed alot of attn to my rank to much till i was checking items in the shop and then noticed when i was playing that my rank reset sometime since i last played… to be honest it’s been a while. i still have my Milestone rewards and if i remember right i was close to the RC Golf cart unlock. not sure how close but i do have the golf ball toy unlocked along with all previous others. Tried restarting the game verifying integrity and playing more to fix but no luck. haven’t checked all my others to make sure they are all correct yet this is just the first one.

if you send a private message on these forums to @Caboose700 with the situation and a link to your steam profile, he should be able to help you with this

If you send me a DM with a link to your Steam Profile I can look into it.

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Thank you i sent the message to you. Thank you for the help.

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