God damnit steam

It’s restricted my account and stopped me from buying, trading or gifting. Oh yeah, it also took 2 of my favourite games away. Dead by Daylight and Tower Unite. They tell me I have to wait until October 4th. That’s 2 weeks away man.
God damnit.

Well, perhaps you deserve to have this happen to you, Steam doesn’t just hand these bans out for fun.

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What happened?

Well, out of nowhere I got this “account alert”
It tells me that I’ve apparantly fucked up the payment, and paypal took the money back or something. So it’s restricted my account. I’ve tried contacting steam support but, not much happening.

Steam Support is quite crappy anyway
don’t expect them to be quick with answers or give you good answers. They’ll most likely just say UH YEAH NOTHIN WE CAN DO BOUT THAT SOZ LOL

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good job steam

Yeah, speaking of that. I messaged them about it and I got an automated response. it told me to reset my password. At that point I considered just slamming my head into the desk.