GMTower Donor Rank? HELP fast

I just donated 28 dollars for Indiegogo (the Partner Gamer Perk) and just wondered if you would get Donor rank in GMtower after Donate on indiegogo…

pretty sure you don’t. Haven’t heard anything that could suggest that being true.

Nope, since GMT is shutting down when TU is launched.

ITS LIKE THEY DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO READ THE INFO PIXELTAILGAMES IS GIVING US -_- (also you put it in the wrong area… you wanted to put it in questions not general)

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I’m very lucky, when the Kickstarter was running they offered special benefits to those who donated before the Kickstarter launched. However, after the kickstarter failed, you could donate again! And I knew the indiegogo was coming, so I just grabbed my donor rank and waited for the benefits :slight_smile: