GMT Transfer Issues

So I have been trying to do the transfer from my gmt to unite and have been unsucessfull. I think i have linked the accounts because I got trophies when I got in but whenever I try to do the account transfer it takes a while to load the webpage and comes up with “TRANSFER WAS UNSUCCESSFUL.”. Id love some help as I dont know what im doing wrong or what I can do.

If trophies appear, it should have done the transfer. You didn’t have a lot of gmc so you may not have seen a big difference in your units.

There was no unit difference.

I’m pretty sure he’d notice if he suddenly had 97,000 more units then he did before. Besides that, he even said that it said transfer unsuccessful.

Mine also said “transfer unsuccessful”, but it still went through

If you’re using Microsoft Edge, switch to Chrome or Firefox. That should fix anything that wont transfer

Ah, ok. Fair enough.

I have tried it on both chrome and opera and it doesn’t work

I can’t transfer GMC to units. Why it doesn’t work? I can’t give details because I know English bad.


I can’t seem to transfer the Units from my old GMT account to the new Tower unite one. The site keeps giving me this error no matter how many times I try.

Any dev’s can you please manually add the currency into my account? Or maybe try a fix to get it working again. Please and thank you!

Profile link for proof:

Yeah this has been happening to me. Might be a new bug, not sure because im also new.

Seem to have the same issue as quite a few of other people on this forum, hopefully someone can resolve this issue as it seems that no one has figured it out or doing anything to help. :slight_smile: Anyways Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

Tomorrow everything will be fixed, Mac is on vacations.


Hello, just recently got the game and I’ve been trying to transfer my GMT units to Tower Unite and every time it says transfer was unsuccessful. I did receive trophies from logging in due to having time on GMT however i still do not have units from the transfer. Any ideas on what i can do?

GMT Link for Reference:

Hi, there are many people reporting this issue. I am currently on vacation and cannot fix it. I will fix it on Monday.


GMT Transfer service is now up and running again!

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