GMT to TU Transfer Options/Special Items?

I’d like to know how much control I will have over the data transfer from GMT to TU. For example, will I be able to reset specific things (like just resetting my items or just resetting my achievements [or even an option to reset only specific items!]), or is it a keep it all or give up everything?

For another question, I plan on resetting my progress. At the same time, however, I don’t want to lose things like the Lobby 1 plate (or its TU variant) and other special items that can no longer be obtained. Will resetting let me keep these special items or would I need to give them up if I reset?


While I don’t what PixelTail are thinking, I think they stated somewhere that you would be given the choice to either transfer or start over when you first launch the game, but you would only be given the choice once, though starting over would wipe all of your history (including milestones and achievements), so in that case I am assuming that you would lose the lobby 1 plate and other rare rewards unless you transferred.progress across.

One thing you could do is to trasfer over everything from GMod Tower and then sell everything that you don’t want and then spend all the money on expensive stuff to immediately sell afterwards or just gamble it all away or something like that.

I guess we should at least be grateful that we’re given the option to transfer at all now, but this still is a concern. I hope they address it at some point. Or maybe even add a ton of new achievements and rewards so we can still feel like we’re making progress beyond all the current rewards nearly everbody has by now. That’s what I’m worried about the most.