GMT milestone rewards

What exactly will happen to milestone rewards?

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Yes, they will be making a return. However, they will not be transferred and you will have to earn them/ the new ones again/in general.


It is worth mentioning that they will not becoming back since a lot of the milestones won’t even be earnable in Unite.

I think they said they will try to restore them.

They’ve said that milestones will be coming back

Sorry I was told that GMT Milestones will not transfer over. I’ll take your word that they will.

I really hope there will be something similiar to the takeonme ball that makes you faster too, unless an item that makes you faster is now exclusive to backers (speed shoes).
I’ll miss my TakeOnMe Ball :frowning:

They’ll be coming back but progress won’t transfer over.

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Well, yes, your progress in them wont transfer, but they are coming back.