GMT Item for backing

I’d love if there was a simple cosmetic shirt or poster or something in Gmod Tower that said like “I backed Tower Unite on Indiegogo!” And had the tower unite logo. This could be a good way of getting people to back the indiegogo because I see a lot of people who still player Gmod Tower and don’t know much about the Indiegogo. If someone asked you about your shrit, you could tell them all about the project and why they should back it, I just think it would be a GREAT way to have word of mouth advertising in the absolute best place to advertise this (GMT) and maybe even encourage some people to back the campaign just to enjoy a nice exclusive shirt in GMT.

Anyone have thoughts on this?

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I think it is too late for that, they would have to individually give the item to everyone who backed. They don’t have a list of steam IDs to gift them too.

It could be just like all the backer exclusive items, we get a code that redeems it.

I think it would be easier to just set up adverts in the GMTower Lobby.