GMT escape sequence

As a last moment for GMT before Tower Unite, maybe a quarter of the server gets infected (like in virus) and the rest of the server are given guns. The server has to survive for 5 minutes while they fight off infected. After 5 minutes, everyone has to make it to the transit station, as it is a safe house. Once everyone who has survived has entered the transit station, the admins give a goodbye speech, and then they terminate the server. Idk if this is possible to pull off, but it would be damn cool.

And for everyone getting infected, we miss out on a cool item in TU. (If we win, we get a player radar to buy in TU)

Music suggestion:


Music should be something from timesplitters imo, that’s what the entire “virus” gamemode was taken from :wink:

I don’t think it’s fair for the infected to miss out on an item. I say that everyone who participated in the event should get an item. Also isn’t that music a little too epic for an escape sequence with infected?


I meant if everyone gets infected they don’t get a virus radar to buy in TU, but if they survive, everyone gets the item to buy. (sorry for not clarifying)

How about instead of organizing an event that will happen once in the history of anything, this be made into a Lobby1 style event instead?

Eh, please note that only 128 people will be able to buy it. It’s unfair to the other hundreds of players who couldn’t get on.

It’s also unfair for so few people to get an item because they got infected/missed the event. And you know gmod tower servers can have more than 64 people on them even though they only say 64 players in the server browser?

Well they had an ending for lobby 1 too, i missed that, but people recorded it…

My point is, why can’t we do something we did in lobby 1, but better?

Someone played Matrix Online.

That music is epic! This actually sound like a very good suggestion, although, it might be a pain since so many people would want to participate.

Yes, but it would be way to laggy.

Does an escape sequence even make sense? I mean, we theoretically do not even switch our place, it’s still gonna be Lobby 2, just as a different game. I think simply a party is better, I am really not sure about an escape sequence.


Well what if the devs say in the transit station they will clean out the lobby, and spruce it up! That would make sense for TU.

I think he means if people last the five minutes and make it to the evac then it becomes an item purchasable in TU for anyone with no requirements except for payment (and my addition is that they can take down the 128 players who participated and give it to them for free in TU), but if everyone gets infected no one gets it and it is not available for purchase in TU


First off the radar is already available through the most strenuous milestone in the game, making it a purchasable item is redundant. Second off the radar for players is useless, you get the ability to see little dots indicating the locations of players nearby. If it were a mini-map it’d be kind of cool, but it’s not, and it’s lame. Finally, if everyone went into this knowing that there is an item at stake then the infected wouldn’t do anything and Survivors would win by doing nothing. Worst-Case Scenario is that the infected spawn on top of the Survivors, killing them instantly, game ends, nobody had any fun, and a lame item we already had is lost.

Well whatever, I guess it wouldn’t work, I just would like something more than a party that will probably be the same as the new years party in lobby 1. It’s funny that people can miss out on this party too, but hey, its just my opinion, I guess it won’t work.