Gmod Tower: Requiem 2 needs to happen

So idk if anyone was around long enough for this, the year was 2011 and someone was making a GMT comic. They made a little movie trailer the death of lob- well, just watch.

Looks like a overgrown version of lobby 1, the same scenes that people were making before lobby 2! And now its today, GMT is going to go offline again in April, so, i have a request.
Can someone make a GMT: Requiem 2, using the Lobby 2 map? I would do it myself, but i’m bad w/ sandbox scenes/animations. Please, I would love this tradition to stay alive, so do the best you can unknown animator!

EDIT: So it turns out after looking deeper into the video, it was actually made in 2011 and not 2012. If you don’t belive me, open this video on youtube and look in the comments. I just gotta figure out who made it…


This would be cool to have in Tower Unite. @macdguy

But… Tower unite map’s based on Lobby 2, right?

It is. This is literally the reason why such a requiem won’t make THAT much sense honestly.

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