GMod cross compatibility

So, basically any playermodel or map can be brought for an extremely large amount of units and used in game.

Not happening. Steam Workshop will provide player support in the future.


if you’re willing to pay for all the licences, sure c:


Actually, gmod can get away with almost any mod.

PixelTail Games is a business, you can’t do that anymore. Tower Unite has nothing to do with Garry’s Mod.


That’s due to the practical impossibility and moral grayness of hunting down and suing individual workshop users.
An officially registered company, on the other hand, is a much simpler target, and overall makes more sense to fight in a court. Especially if it sells whatever product it includes the content in.


You know these are completely different engines? PixelTail would have to implement Source1 in Unreal4. Definitely not seeing this happening at all.

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But you could easily make a program that makes a copy of the file and converts it into Unreal4 instaid of reading the Source1 map file. also, you can just run the Playermodel through blender and save as a Source1 file.

I mean, there will be a button saying import from Gmod that you can use. The edit button forgot to exist.

Addressing only one of your opponents’ critical points won’t get you very far in a discussion, you know.
Even if it was possible to convert the content like this (and never mind the difference in quality and looks), there’s still the huuuge problem of copyrights.





You clearly don’t know how programming works. I mean I don’t either, but I know it’s not just “make a program easy as 1,2,3 BOOM done”

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You can’t make this kind of suggestion if you don’t even know what engine they’re running.

Can we please stop attacking the OP for his suggestion?

We plan to offer easy ways to import models to our game. FBX will be supported and converting Source models to that format does not require much effort for the end user (you can look up many tutorials online). So, yes, technically you can transfer content from Source.


Didn’t Caboose lock this thread because no one was saying anything positive about the suggestion? What happened to that?

Different thread.

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