GM Elevator Condo

If you played Gmod, you most likely played the server or map called elevator. If you don’t know what it is, basically you spawned in an apartment lobby and got onto an elevator that took you through a series of weird and funny events on each floor it stopped. It ended at an apartment where everyone got off and you could blend things and play casino games and things. What if they remade it as a condo and there would be a button to go straight to the apartment and one to activate a sort of parody of the original ride. The apartment could be the same with maybe some added rooms and be empty.

Maybe not as a condo but it would be nice to see some kind of throwback to GM Elevator somewhere in TU


I did not get the chance to play GMOD Tower, but the way you have described it, it definetly seems interesting and I would love to see somwthing like this get added!

@Vaibhav_Agarwal Elevator is a totally different game-mode made by the Pixeltail devs (I believe), and is still available in Gmod.


It is still available, but I too would love to see it integrated into TU in one form or another. I loved the wacky floors and the soundtrack was memorable with a lot of catchy songs. And getting out at the apartment at the top was always fun with friends. If it was something that could be hosted, I could see some Workshop support being utilized in the form of downloadable floor “scenes” for a unique, customized experience from host to host.


Elevator: Source, which you are referring to, was indeed made by PixelTail Games. It is still available in GMod.

We may in the future revisit a similar concept, but we don’t want to redo the experience. I think remaking the original apartment would be an interesting idea, but we’d probably change up the layout.


The old apartment from Elevator: Source is what led to me finding out about Gmod Tower. It holds a special place in my heart.

After me and a group of my friends got to the top for the first time, we talked about how cool it would be to join directly to the apartment at the top just so we could watch Youtube videos together. You can imagine our excitement when we found out about Gmod Tower soon after hearing about it on an Elevator server. I probably wouldn’t have played GMT if it weren’t for Elevator:Source, therefore never heard of Tower Unite.

I would absolutely love to see the Elevator Source apartment remade, even if all the elevator stuff is left out. :smile:


I honestly believe that’s how it was for me too. Discovering GMT through Elevator: Source was my story :slight_smile:

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Holy shit, there was an end to that thing. I always just assumed that it just kept randomly generating floors. Gonna have to redownload Gmod now.