Global Chat Automatic Checks

Hey everyone, I know Global Chat is a hot topic since it was first released and while I like to think it has gotten a bit better, I know that it’s still got a good number of people who will consistently use slurs or overtly sexual content, etc. So, I think I came up with an idea that might lighten the load at least and make Global Chat much more welcoming.

An Auto-Hide / Auto-Report System

Okay, so now before I continue, I want to get one thing out of the way first: This idea is not to give automatic BANS, only reports. That way, if context allowed for it, one would not be penalized for using a specific word.

Alright now that that’s out of the way, here’s how I think it could work. Essentially, there are some specific words that I see are 99% bannable every time they come up. Something like the n-word for example. Under the new system, if Global Chat detects the n-word within the message, an automatic report would be filed on the user. The devs and/or future moderators would then handle it as usual.

EDIT: Thanks to input from @LevelUpMax and @CarbonCopyCat, we’ve been able to refine the idea of a prompt upon sending a message containing a bannable word. Originally I suggested that perhaps a prompt could be displayed to tell the user that their message was not sent due to being caught by the word filter, but I believe @CarbonCopyCat’s reply below does a much better job of conveying things. @LevelUpMax did also share some points that might mean it is better to not give a prompt at all, but I will leave it to the devs to decide which in the event that they want to use this idea :slight_smile:

In my opinion, this system has several advantages that I think make it worth considering even in addition to the other proposed customizable word filter that was suggested here a few weeks ago. To name a few:

  • A lot of the people who I’ve seen use the n-word (or other slurs), did so because they saw other people using it and thought it was okay. Under the new system, they wouldn’t see it at all and thus never get the idea to say it themselves.
  • The only words that won’t be shown in global chat are the ones that get reported everytime they come up with. That way, it really doesn’t change anything about what is or isn’t allowed to be said in Global.
  • As I mentioned before, it would still be handled directly by the devs, so if, for instance, my message got flagged for a word that in context made sense (e.g, a British term for cigarette), they could just check the report, see that I meant no harm, and appeal it.
  • And while some words will slip by, or some people will find methods to say them (such as typing l i k e t h i s), the overall volume will be much lower, allowing Global Chat to feel much more welcoming at a surface level. I imagine most reports would probably end up being harassment cases rather than use of slurs with this change.

Alright, I am sorry for making this into a wall of text, but I think I conveyed the idea in as much detail as I wanted to now. I’d like to expand on this further and make it better with your input, so if y’all want to propose any changes or just leave your opinion to it, please be sure to reply :smiley:

In my opinion, notifying the user would be a terrible idea - if they’re intending to continue throwing out insults anyway they’d just bypass the chat filter, making it harder to catch in the future.

A more effective method would be to silently flag the user to be reviewed upon extreme slurs. That way they wouldn’t attempt to cover up their words to bypass any filters, because as far as they’re aware none even exist.

As a response to some of the replies below, simply changing the proposed message the user receives when they break a chat filter to have harsher words or a cool-down timer doesn’t change that it can be circumvented. The entire point of automatic checks is to have a high catch rate. Choosing to notify users about the filter will mean the few that do continue can work out how remain undetected by the automatic system, rendering it useless.


Perhaps you’re right, although my original intention with the message was to let them know that:
A. Their message was not sent
B. No, you are not allowed to use that word.

Ideally, it would discourage them from sending the message in the first place, as this kinda serves as a reminder that there IS moderation in Global Chat.

That said, I see where you’re coming from, and it might be better to just silently flag them so that they don’t know there is a filter until a ban hits em, but I think it’s good to debate on this :slight_smile:

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Although it would make sense to discourage people rather than outright ban them, the benefits of being able to catch almost everyone doing it outweigh the costs of forgiving a very small minority who would need to both:

A. Have the type of personality to send a message with a particularly nasty slur in the game’s global chat


B. Not attempt to bypass the chat filter afterwards because they’re worried about getting banned

I’m not one to judge, but I have a feeling the crossover on that Venn diagram is pretty small.

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Hmm, I hadn’t actually considered it from that angle, but you’re right. It might come off to these people that they can’t get banned if they simply bypass the filter in the first place. I was kinda assuming that people were all aware that they could be reported by other players and that the filter would doubly serve to tell them some words are actually bannable.

I do think that either option would still significantly reduce the number of blacklisted words that actually reach Global Chat, so maybe the devs can decide which route they’d prefer if they choose to implement this in the game.

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I feel like this wouldn’t be an issue if it was stated that attempting to bypass the filter would result in a chat ban.

Something like:

Hold up! We detected these words in your message that may be in violation of Global Chat rules: [insert words here].

Please take a moment to review the rules: [insert rules]

Global chat messages are moderated, and attempting to circumvent the chat filter may result in a temporary or permanent ban from Global Chat.

And then a ~20-second timer before being able to click a button saying that you have reviewed the rules.


That’s actually a fantastic workaround, and I especially love that it shows the rules explicitly. I still find that the rules are a bit too unnoticeable, so any reminders given to players is a good thing.

That said, I think that a ~20 second timer is too long, especially for cases where a message is caught in the filter out of context. I believe something like 10 seconds would be better as it still forces them to actually read the prompt, but it won’t be as restricting to innocent people.

Also, I’ve edited the original post to include the proposed changes from you and LevelUpMax :slight_smile:

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