Give players the option to load a specific save point.

Giving players the ability to load the particular build they want when first loading the corresponding map would be great. As it is now, you have to load up whatever was there last, and if you have a different build on the same map, it becomes quite tedious getting to the build you want after loading times and resource dedication.

I know for a fact that this definitely did exist, and thus was going to tell you how to do it, but wanted to refresh my memory, so I loaded up the game. It used to be that you could press the context key (default ‘C’) and you could save and load a condo’s current state.

I personally had come across stability issues with it, but I don’t recall it being removed to be fixed in the future. That said, it’s either that it WAS indeed removed to fix later or it was accidentally omitted when trying to improve the context menu.

Anyone please feel free to correct me, as I am a bit out of the loop these days, but this definitely was a feature at one point.

That said, definitely yes, this feature was great and I hope it comes back.

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@Andech You can do it with the TAB menu since
What OP means is to be able to load the snapshots from the menu, BEFORE entering the condo itself. Which i totally agree with - switching between large builds takes soo long (which is understandable tho) and often makes the game crash.