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The FitnessGram Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test, that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The twenty metre capacity will begin in thirty seconds, please line up at the starting line.


Hola me llamo luke
me gustan los huevos gigantes!


Soy un jugador Ă©pico jeje xd


Donde está la biblioteca?

Some guy in red asked me that, I think he was trying to get into the Santa mood.


The Story, of a cloud.

He has no super strength or redeemable features, he’s like all of us, us sentient creatures.

Days and nights he sat there waiting, for him to align with the spinning world that is raining.

As an overseer overseeing all the cloud saw all, especially during rain.

People running with their damp clothes and drippy runny noses, with water drops running on window panes.

To Himself he thought about those men under the weather "How poor they looked how much they craved help, it must be in my blood to assist those who yelp"

So the cloud soared through the rain, settling above as a motherly cloak.

And to the cloud the man spoke. He stared into those eyes of a brother, he saw his endeavor, acknowledging his effort.


Cloud was feeling less than thrilled you see, how could he ever help the yelpee?

For when caught sight of the cloud men cried with mighty voices, profanities out loud.

This heartbreak breaks even the strongest of hearts, like losing your blood to the painfully parting parts.

And that’s when it occurred, the nightmare manifested.

He wasn’t the revered who was needed, he was the creator of the very thing they hated.

Cloud… The harbinger, of damp clothes and runny noses.

From this hell he tried some alternative measures, but even this was deprived of pleasures.

In the devastation he remembered a quote: "I am become death" said a man on a rather cloudy day.

But unlike man the cloud did not dare to live through this game.

How would he correct his wrong he pondered and wondered.

"Aha!" a huff and a puff rejoiced the cloud in his cubicle room.

"Solved it i have, aced the test, the oven my final rest"

A thought did pass his now boiling brain, what would he become in the next life, would it be another life in vain, a life enveloped in shrouds. He even dreamed of becoming those ridiculing men ridiculing clouds.

Before drifting to that obscure space of consciousness and not, after the passing regret of death, the cloud drifted and passed, rocked to the void be blazing waves.

Little did however, the little cloud know, that cloud remains don’t settle to earth but swirl to the sky.

And thus the cremated steam whirled and whirled across the trees and backgrounds of blue skies, up up closer to the sun.

There in the midst of nothingness and all, where the air is as light as a feather, the atoms collided in dances of seduction together.

Like that, struggled into consciousness, sky mother’s tear,

A cloud


a man is not using my phone for the three numbers on the back
I love auto complete


Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?


yeah…i get you man