Gifting units

Make it so you can give money to friends

Woooooooooooooah, alright.

Trading was a hot debate topic that hasn’t been discussed on the forums in a long time, but as it stands currently:

  • You cannot trade units
  • Trading will be a thing, but you cannot trade anything obtainable with units, or units themselves. I was skimming a post about the marketplace, whoops ^^

Honestly it’s been so long since anyone talked about these things that I can’t find sources on this info, and I’d love to open this topic back up for debate!

…maybe in another thread though :yum:


Ok thanks for explaining!
Nice profile picture BTW


No this way people can do stuff for units like doing services. And theres already a hard way of doing it, which is good enough

What is the hard way?


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Due to RWT I highly doubt PixelTail Games will ever actually add in this kind of option ( despite being very nice to have )

Originally with PixelTail Games being very firm on NO MTX in Tower unite it is not likely.
Furthermore if the game ever does skyrocket in popularity, like it heavily deserves to.
Then it will become popular to RWT Units/items, which out of everyone, the PixelTail Games team are the ones who deserves the extra money :slight_smile:

The only thing i could see happening is some sort of funding to help the team continue with the game.

However I feel, since much more people know of the game after being released ( me included )
along with having concrete content & game-play, with vast expand-ability and ideas that could be implemented.

The team would be best resorting to crowd funding again via indigogo/kickstarter/gofundme etc to help them out, at the expensive of some more backer rewards being awarded :yum:
( salty I never knew about the project earlier to claim backer features )

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The problems with trading isn’t that trading is inherently bad, it’s just that people are dickheads who hate nice things


Unit gifting, i favor it. :^)