Giant hole in Toy Store (map problem)

As the title says, there is a giant hole in the Toy Store
images in imgur album:

EDIT: sorry for the low resolution photos, I’m playing on lowest settings except for texture, which is set to medium and also 640x480 (low specs laptop)

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Woah, this is one of the bigger map mistakes. Great find, @antieye555.

Holy crap, how did I not notice this before?


Nice find!

This hole is also (oddly enough) one way.

You can crouch into it from inside and jetpack your way out but it is impossible to climb back in from the roof.

peeks through hole
“hey john.”
“whats up?”

Thanks for your report! This has been forwarded straight to our Trello board. You can track its status there.

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How did you make it on here? Isnt there a bot clarification in the register page?

The bot was made by mac, to keep all the bugs in line. :wink:

It was a joke, lol

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