Getting into the Casino before the assets load


I know exactly what you mean It happens on the theatre and basically any place with a similar door.

This is to do with the level streaming they added in the update. Not really a big deal. Also why spend 40 seconds of the video standing around typing, just show the “bug”.

While level streaming has a massive advantage when it gets to optimisation there is a downside with it causing the game to sometimes hiccup while loading another part of the plaza or having issues with the assets not loading properly.

dude… i know that why do you think i said load assets??? -_-

It should be easily fixable, by simply telling the game to load the assets just before getting in the door.

We do that already. Not every computer loads fast enough.

We’re going to have elevators instead of this doorway to help with it.


Well i guess there’s no way to help it then.
Thanks for responding so quickly

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but… but, my computer could handle it before :frowning: Plus with the level streaming the doors look more like the fake windows on the shops that you can’t see through than an actual door now

it could handle it before, because this didn’t happen before.
Level streaming unloads areas you aren’t in, to save on resources and increase your fps. The reason you didn’t see this before, was because the place was already loaded.

Yeah I know.

How about you load the level once someone stands right in front of the door? That might solve the problem.

Mac said it is already loading before they get to the door. Or do you mean further away from the door which gives it more time to load?

I think it only loads the casino level once the door opens. And I think it should happen once you enter the building (before you get to the doors)

no it loads it like an in-game 1 foot before the door

wow… i think this is my longest thread…

It loads as you are going to the door. Starts about 128 units outside. The door only opens when it’s fully loaded. If it doesn’t load by the time you reach the door, it hasn’t loaded yet.


I’ve found that the door doesnt have any collisions and I can just walk through it when it’s closed, could it be solid so that it does have time to load and you don’t have to see it loading in like this?

Sadly, it can’t be solid. Due to the fact that it’s a multilayer environment, the only thing that can block the player’s movement is the server. It would block all the players even if they loaded it or not. The server is unaware that you are loading the level in and thus doesn’t have the information needed to block you. The other issue is there are multiple players that would have to be blocked individually, which isn’t possible for the server to do. You can’t have the client block either because then the server and the client would desync and the server would then auto correct the desync and rubber band the player. The scenerio would be the server thinks the player is inside the casino, while the client says they are outside, and the server would correct the client in a full network update. Basically, this is a complicated issue to solve.

So our solution is to use elevators. An elevator is a useful way to individually handle clients. The clients are in a room and the server can manage them in a less chaotic environment and the client can spend the time needed to load the level.


Well at least this means that now after I’m done drinking at Volt, I can take the elevator back up and stumble drunkenly over to the Casino and continue drinking there without running the risk of falling down stairs or running into a door. Thanks Mac!